Body Massage Lotion

Body Massage Lotion
Body Massage Lotion

Body Massage Lotion

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This smooth and silky massage lotion spreads rapidly and absorbs slowly for longer glide capability. Rich avocado and essential plant nutrients enhance skin vitality and moisturize. Lasting glide can be re-activated by simply misting with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx, 302 Active, A or C Mist. 

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Natural preservative free formula 

very high slip and rich lubricating feel 

no residual stickiness or tack

pH 6.5 - 7.5 IN

Ingredients: Organic green tea and lemon verbena extract, kosher glycerine, organic jojoba oil, avocado oil, organic high oleic safflower oil, mixed silicates, polygluose derived surfactant, C12-15 alkyl esters, urea, and glucose sesquistearate and lemon verbena.