Self Tanner Gel

Self Tanner Gel
Self Tanner Gel

Self Tanner Gel

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Self Tanning Gel is a self-tanning product that imparts a deep golden brown tone with a pleasant natural citrus scent. It is non-streaking and non sticky, easy to apply formula for a rich tan without yellow or orange tinting. 

Self Tanner Gel features dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a carbohydrate that reacts with nonfunctional surface skin proteins and browns them. It is non-irritating. Citric acid is used to lengthen shelf life (pH 5.0) and maintain color consistency.

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Apply evenly to dry skin. Several applications several minutes apart will give best results. Wash hands after each application. Allow skin to dry throughout before wearing clothes on the area applied. Store product away from heat. 

Organic green tea, dihydroxyacetone, kosher glycerine, polyglucose derived surfactant, cellulose polymer, polysorbate 80, zinc oxide, citric acid, lavender and tangerine extracts.

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