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A-Boost is an all-natural clear lipid incorporating an acid-free stable form of vitamin A ester. Vitamin A is the “go-to” ingredient for assisting in restoring natural cell turnover in skin that is undergoing aging processes. 

• Scientific literature attests to the efficacy of retinyl palmitate by providing demonstrating these benefits:

• Modulates cell division and builds new capillaries. 

• Reduces excess and uneven pigment cell deposits evening skin tone and brightening the complexion. 

• Reducing the appearance of breakout in acne prone skin. 

• Increases the dermal layer thickness and skin strength. 

• Addresses sun damage and other DNA repair factors from stress, smoking, environmental conditions, as well as chronological aging.

4 ml, 1 oz, 4 oz

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Application of A-Boost needs to start slowly and build up according to skin tolerance. Begin with either a wash off method or apply once a week, building up to a maximum application of somewhere between 3 to 5 times per week. If dryness occurs, correction is achieved by simply cutting back on number of days applied and alternating with another active anti-oxidant or 302 Avogen serum and liberal use of Calming Mist for hydration. 

Mix 1 pump of A-Boost in the palm of your with 3-4 mist sprays of Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx and apply to your neck and face with gentle upward strokes. Can also be applied to the back of hands for effective reconditioning. 

A-Boost can be used in a wash-off manner to allow the skin to become accustom to the product. This is also an ideal start up method for those treating inflamed acne conditions. To use as a wash off, apply to face just before cleansing and allow to remain for several minutes, then cleanse off with lotion cleanser of choice. 

The use of vitamin A results in a reduction of skin cells on the surface and therefore the dermis is more susceptible to the consequences of UVA exposure. It is important to use a sun block daily. The Recovery Minerals or Remedy can counteract the effects of UVA exposure by supplying micronized zinc to the skin surface.

Vitamin A is not advised to be used during pregnancy or nursing. Avoid sunlight for 8 hours after use. If irritation develops as a result of vitamin A, discontinue and consult your 302 product advisor. If applied too frequently, dryness and or rash type breakouts may occur.

Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, retinyl palmitate, phyto-lipids of avocado, camphor, tangerine and mint extracts.

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