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Clarity is a powerful retinoid and should be used sparingly on sun damaged skin and skin with heavy wrinkling or on skin experiencing follicular plugging and acne related breakout. Clarity is also useful for reducing pigmentation problems when combined in a regime with 302 Drops, 302 Serum, and Lightening Drops. 

• Scientific literature points to these skin enhancing benefits from the use of retinyl acetate in Clarity: 

• Increases cell turnover and blood vessel formation for increased oxygen and a reduction of cellular waste buildup in the skin. 

• Clears skin congestion and deep-seated pigment cells that are dormant in the extracellular matrix. 

• Improves skin dermal thickness, smoothness, and resilience.

4 ml, 1 oz, 4 oz

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Begin by testing skin tolerance to the use of Clarity by applying a small amount in an area at the jawline. If irritation develops discontinue use and contact your product advisor. In the beginning some pinking, flaking of the skin, or swelling may occur. It is advised to pre-test skin for tolerance and gradually build up use to 3 times weekly.

PRECAUTIONS Use by pregnant or nursing mothers remains controversial. We advise to wait until these precautions have ended. Do not apply skin product scrubs or use abrasives if skin is flaking from the use of Clarity. Do not wax in areas that have been treated with Clarity for at least two weeks following the application. 

If Clarity is applied too often it can result in skin dryness and perhaps a rash type appearance. It is not advised to use during pregnancy or nursing. Avoid high sun exposure and always wear a sun protection on your skin when using vitamin A products such as A-Boost, A-Boost Rx or Clarity. 302 Recovery Minerals and Remedy and/or SPF lotions offer chemical free sources of UV protection.

Organic green tea, retinyl acetate, polyglucose derived surfactant, mixed silicones, glyceryl monostearate, glucose sesquistearate, urea, camphor, tangerine oil, mint extract. 

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