Introductory Kit


Introductory Kit


APPLICATIONS: A great starting point for any skin type to resolve aging, acne or inflammation issues. The products are mild, effective and provide a foundation to develop client specific regimens. Follow instructions for results. Do not mix with other products.

Includes: Remedy Rx (1oz), Revive Rx (4oz), Purity (4oz), Clinical Formula: Dry/Sensitive Cleanser (4oz), Clinical Formula: Dry/Sensitive Moisturizer (1oz). Packaged in an organza bag with instruction booklet.

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Morning and Evening

Cleanse with Sensitive Cleanser. Shake to mix contents before use (these are natural products and some separation may occur). Apply to dry surface skin as you would a lotion, especially to areas of applied makeup. Massage over skin for 30 seconds. 

Apply a second amount and a small amount of water to work a creamy (non-foaming) consistency for another 30 seconds. (Note: Only apply additional amounts of cleanser and water to remove makeup, if necessary.) 

Rinse cleanser thoroughly with warm water until all sensation of ‘slipperiness’ to your skin goes away.

Mist face and neck with Calming Mist. Allow product to dry with minimal rubbing or none at all. This toner will provide relief from rashes and helps reduce bacteria with green tea extracts. It can be applied anytime. Leave skin damp and go to next step. 


Finish with a small amount of Remedy. This is the most versatile solution to aging and/or irritated skin. It can be used on burns, rashes, open wounds, and is helpful for baby rashes.  Excellent for addressing visible signs of rosacea, dermatitis, following chemotherapy, radiation or a severe allergic reaction, or after waxing. It is outstanding for everyday use on aging skin. 

Revive is a fast absorbing gel used for acne and aged skin problems especially for those seeking relief from shingles and irritated dry skin conditions. Good for clearing visible acne whether inflammatory or pustular in character. Caution: Keep away from eyes, apply in small amounts. Not recommended with creams or lotions containing exfoliating acids. May cause momentary stinging in some skin conditions. Discontinue if redness is caused and persists for more than 3 days. Product may be left on or removed with cleanser after 5-10 minutes. If skin is dry follow with Moisture Drops or Moisture Drops RX for very sensitive skin. 

Though not part of the kit it is highly recommended to take one capsule per day of the Avogen Dietary Supplement before eating to begin the rebuilding process. The results will speak for themselves. 


INGREDIENTS – See individual products for product ingredients and description.

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