Travel Essentials Rx


Travel Essentials Rx


Specifically formulated without essential oils for extremely sensitive skin. See individual products for product ingredients and description.

Included in kit:
Remedy Rx - 1oz / 30ml
Sensitive Cleanser Rx - 3.4 oz
Face & Body Bar Rx - 1.5oz / 45g
Calming Mist Rx - 2oz / 60ml
Recovery Plus: Intensive Rx - 1oz / 30ml

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Cleanse face and or body in shower with Face & Body Bar Rx. Apply suds lightly and rinse immediately. Avoid face if skin is especially sensitive. Face & Body Bar Rx will provide soothing relief to most sensitized skin caused by sunburn, topical products or the environment. Face & Body Bar Rx is excellent for visibly reducing body acne. It can be used for shaving to soften and prep beard. 

Spritz face lightly with Calming Mist Rx. 

Apply Remedy Rx while skin is damp, a pea-sized amount should cover the face - provide extra amounts to any irritated areas. Allow product to penetrate with minimal rub-in.

Use moisturizer as needed. 

Recovery Plus Intensive included with kit. Other moisturizers are available for review in the product section.


Cleanse with Sensitive Cleanser Rx – (Shake contents gently before use as these are natural products and some separation may occur). Apply to dry surface skin as you would a lotion, especially to areas of applied makeup. Allow product to penetrate for 30 seconds. 

Apply a second small amount and add water to work to a creamy (non-foaming) consistency for another 30 seconds. (Note: Only apply additional amounts of cleanser and water to remove makeup, if necessary.) Rinse cleanser thoroughly with warm water until all sensation of ‘slipperiness’ to your skin goes away.

Apply Calming Mist Rx and Remedy Rx  – Mist face and neck and allow product to dry with minimal rub-in or none at all. 

*Apply 302 Active (not included in Client Introductory Kit instead of Remedy Rx) - (seek product consultation for proper application). 

INGREDIENTS – See individual products for product ingredients and description.

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