302 Drops


302 Drops

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This product contains a higher level of Avogen and is compatible with skin that is not prone to acne breakout and is not highly sensitive. For those skins prone to break out or sensitivity use 302 Sensitive Drops Rx. 302 Drops is ideal for skin that is thin, coarse, depleted skin with lack of tone, uneven pigmentation and texture. 

• Rebuilds visibly aged skin with Avogen.™
• Softens, clears, and refines skin surface. 
• Strengthens and moisturizes.
• Organic lipid based formula increases barrier protection.
The 302/Avogen™ compound contained in 302 Drops provides a significant increase in metabolic energy to the skin through glucose activation. This substance provides the energy for new protein synthesis. 302/Avogen™ also softens skin. This is very important in reversing visible aging, smoothing wrinkles and improving tone and texture. This molecule has a quick response so that the skin may feel warm and even pink upon the first few applications.
SIZES – 4 ml, 1 oz, 4 oz. 

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• Begin with a single application every other day in the morning after cleansing. For best results in anti-aging, 302 Drops should be alternated every other day with another A-boost, C-boost or Moisturizing Drops in order to provide other nutrients for skin repair and maintenance. 
• A little bit of 302 Drops goes a long way. It takes no more than one to two pumps mixed with Calming Mist to spread evenly over the skin. 

• If you feel oily afterwards either too much product was dispensed or spreading across the skin has been uneven. You should then reapply Calming Mist to hands and face and spread further to correct. 
• If 302 Drops seems too active when first using it may also be applied prior to cleansing and left on the skin to penetrate for up to two minutes and then use one of the lotion cleansers to remove.

Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, phyto-lipids of avocado, avocatin 302 (Avogen™), vanilla, camphor, and mint extracts.

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