302 Sensitive Drops Rx


302 Sensitive Drops Rx

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• 302 Sensitive Drops corrects ultra-sensitive skin with Avogen for a calming, softening, and moisturizing result. Helps reverse redness appearing skin due to rosacea or inflammation from acne breakouts. The Avogen in this product provides an increase in metabolic energy. The skin may feel slightly warm and may pink a bit on the first applications. 
• 302 Sensitive Drops Rx contains a lower concentration of Avogen than 302 Drops or 302 Serum. This product is recommended when first introducing 302 to your skincare regimen.  
• This product should not be applied on skin where fruit acid products (AHA/alpha hydroxy acids) are being used daily such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid, or salicylic acid. 302 Sensitive Drops Rx contains no added essential oils. 
SIZES – 4 ml, 1 oz, and 4 oz. 

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• 302 Sensitive Drops Rx is a concentrate and is best spread with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx. These mists are green tea hydrators. 
• For sensitive skin apply as a pre-wash – apply before cleansing and allow to remain on your skin for one minute then follow with cleaning lotion and rinse with water. 
• For less sensitive skin – Apply every other day, morning is best, after cleansing. More frequent application may reduce benefits. Skin should be calm before applying. 
• Place one or two pumps of 302 Sensitive Drops in your palm and mix with two to three pumps of the spray Calming Mist. Rub together gently and applied in upward motions to upper chest, throat, and face. 

• Follow with Remedy 

• For Acne: The Avogen compound establishes an intact skin barrier on the surface of your skin and helps protect your skin from moisture loss. Moisture loss can increase inflammation and also stimulate increased abnormal oil production, which together can increase acne irritation. When using in the presence of acne breakout, 302 Sensitive Drops Rx can be applied BEFORE cleansing to help soften sebum and impactions and allowed to remain on your skin for one minute. Then removed with one of the lotion cleansers and/or Face & Body Bar.
• For Ultra Sensitive /Rosacea – 302 Sensitive Drops Rx can be introduced after the skin has been stabilized after inflammatory reaction. 302 Sensitive Drops Rx will then rapidly rebuild a weakened epidermis depleted by the inflammatory reaction and re-normalizes oil gland secretions. This response results in a calming of the surface complexion. 

Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, phyto-lipids of avocado, avocatin 302 (Avogen).

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