Avogen Dietary Supplement


Avogen Dietary Supplement


This signature product contains the unique molecule called Avogen that is derived from avocado. Avogen works within the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) to aid and support cells that are deteriorated and have undergone excessive cross-linking forming "gristle like" formation of skin cells. With Avogen, you renormalize cross-linking and the visible outcome is unmistakable. Avogen is a supplement that's helps you feel better and look younger. It’s that simple*.
SIZE – 60 capsules – 400 mg per capsule 

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• Avogen is a single molecule naturally derived from avocado. It is a lightly textured, yellow lipid that develops in avocado fruit. It is an essential nutrient of the avocado that is unique and found absolutely nowhere else in nature. 
• Each Avogen™ capsule contains the average amount of Avogen as would be consumed in one whole avocado. This is combined with virgin, organic avocado oil, which is very green from containing high levels of natural chlorophyll. The capsules are very stable, but it is advised to avoid extremes of cold and heat and most of all light. 
• Keep the capsules in their container and store at room temperature. Avogen requires no preservative and will remain stable for at least two years from the date of production.

Avogen is not recommended if you are allergic to avocados.

• Avogen is a natural avocado metabolite. Consumption of one capsule per day on average and is the equivalent to eating one avocado per day for Avogen, but without the calories! 
• While safe for children, the advantages of Avogen are realized in tissues that are aging and under stress and should only be provided to children under the supervision of a medical professional.

*The FDA has not evaluated any claims made herein nor are Avopharm products intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Active Ingredient: Avogen™ (Persea Americana extract), certified organic avocado oil (Persea Americana virgin oil). Other ingredients (capsule) plant derived cellulose. 

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