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Intimate Capsules


How To Use

Intimate Capsules is the natural, clinically proven choice to become a new you. Unlike one size fits all, Intimate Capsules adapt to you and your needs. In other words, frequency of application depends on your response. Take two examples:

Jennifer applied one capsule per evening for two weeks and noticed that she had a “complete reset” as she described it. Her nightly application she then reduced to 1x per week to maintain her desired results.

Margaret applied one capsules per evening for about a month and found she had achieved satisfactory sustainable moisturizing results. She then reduced her application frequency to 1x every five days to maintain.

As these examples show, Intimate Capsules are used every evening for a length of time (most will get results within 20-40 consecutive days). After that, it is maintenance only and generally 1x per week works. Your body will tell you.


As you see in our examples, costs will vary in the first year. Jennifer spent about $200 in the first year and Margaret spent about $275. It all depends on how rapidly the Intimate Capsules work for you.

Insert one (1) capsule daily, best just before bedtime. 

Do not open capsule. If area is especially tender apply a drop of vegetable oil to surface of capsule to ease insertion. The ingredients will migrate across the affected tissues within an hour.

In many cases, improvement will be quickly noticed. Best results will occur with daily application for six weeks (two packages of 20 each). 

Thereafter, you may reduce insertion frequency as needed for tone and resiliency. 

Application Considerations

We recommend capsule application 1x per day (evenings better) for six weeks (two packs of 20). Thereafter you may reduce frequency of application to 1x or 2x per week to maintain tone and resiliency. Do not break open Capsules. You may apply vaseline or vegetable oil such as coconut oil to the capsule to ease insertion. The cellulose capsule material will usually disperse and leave no residue.

The overall response will continue to improve as application time goes on. If you stop taking the Capsules altogether, the tissues may return to previous levels.

Other “Leave-On” Products

Combining Intimate Capsules with products or moisturizers may create an unwanted interaction response, especially during the first twenty (20) days. The sensitive tissues can be easily overwhelmed by all the topical activity. Allow the Capsules to renormalize the tone and resilience first. Avoid area contact with essential oils and fragranced products.

You may use fragrance-free lubricants during sexual activity if desired. Their chemistry should not interfere with the action of Intimate Capsules. Note that lubricants may dissolve certain condoms. See the condom manufacturer’s precautions. 


We recommend a very mild cleanser, one that is non-acid and fragrance-free for daily cleansing.

Oral Medications

Generally speaking there will be no interaction response with Intimate Capsules and orally dosed medications. Chemotherapy drugs may lead to excessive dryness.
 Avocado Oil and Avocatin 302* (a naturally occurring avocado molecule)

Capsule material: Hydroxyethylcellulose

* Avocatin 302 refers to a 302 molecular weight lipid furan (302 furanyl lipid), a lightly textured, fast absorbed oil. We believe the folklore about the beneficial effects to the skin from avocados are based on its chemistry.

 Keep blister package in its unit carton to protect from light. 

Store at normal ambient temperature away from heat and light. Product will cloud if refrigerated. Storage temperatures above 100 F / 37 C may melt the capsules. 


Avogen Medical Intimate Capsules should be used intravaginally. The capsules are not intended to be a lubricant during sexual activity with a condom. This product contains, in part, vegetable oil that condom manufacturers caution may compromise the barrier function of certain types of condoms. Wait several hours after insertion of the capsule before relying on a condom. This product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

WARNING: This product should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or if you think you are pregnant. If you experience any rash, swelling, pain, irritation, discomfort, or vaginal bleeding discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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