302 Skincare is particularly well formulated for those having conditions of rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, dryness, or advanced aging changes of thinning or irregularly textured skin.

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Introduction to the 302 Product Line

Good science is what makes the difference in creating an optimal skin response. 

302 Professional Skincare has the science!

302 Professional Skincare has a unique molecule, called Avogen, discovered in a certain avocado variety found in the rainforest of Central America. Avogen stimulates glucose activation in the skin tissues and is the main active ingredient in 302 professional skincare products. The products containing Avogen are those which incorporate "302" in the specific product name itself, (i.e. 302 drops, 302 cleanser, 302 serum). The entire product line derives its name from the molecular weight of Avogen, which is 302.

302 Skincare is: 

  • Restores natural balance and provide day-by-day visible recovery and improvement
  • Particularly well formulated for those having conditions of rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, dryness, or advanced aging changes of thinning or irregularly textured skin.
  • Highly softening and promotes the repair and increased protection of the external skin barrier.
  • Assists the skin in maintaining its moisture levels more adequately.
  • Promotes normalized cell activity.

CAUTION - If exfoliating acids or harsh topical ingredients have been used previously, your skin may be marked by uneven tone, sensitivity, and/or minor blemishes for a brief period. It is advisable to discontinue the use of these products two weeks and allow the skin to completely calm before beginning the use of Avogen based products in the 302 Professional Skincare line. 

Avogen is one of Nature’s Gifts. 

There are a zillion supplements on the market, why is it so important to take this one?
"Avogen goes directly to the source of so many dysfunctions in our health – the extracellular matrix – all the supplements taking in the world will not help if the extracellular matrix poorly functions. The extracellular matrix is the ocean that all cells swim in – Avogen optimizes that ocean ecology.

Nothing else does all that Avogen can do.


Born out of research conducted in the rainforest of Central America on a species of avocado, the unique molecule - Avogen was discovered. It is a lipid that is only found in the avocado. Avogen’s unique elements are able to key in on the essential phenotype found in the extracellular matrix (ECM). This can have an effect on cell signaling initiated in cell metabolism and provides energy to the skin.  It is safe, well tolerated whether used topically or taken by capsule internally.

Below are photos and clinical findings representing changes in the skin after 30-use of Avogen. To see more information click on this link to take you to AvogenUSA.com

Avogen Topical: Typical Histology - 30 day use: skin specimen from the upper arm of a female 

Test results of a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized with confirmation, study of human subjects by independent researchers. 


Below are some links to help you further understand the current research in the extracellular matrix and how Avogen can greatly enhance your health. 

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Links