About Sandra Regier Follett


Skincare Experience  

Acquiring skincare knowledge and performing the most safe and effective esthetic treatments has long been a passion of mine. It began a long time ago with my own bouts with acne. Today, we have a wealth of knowledge that really helps get your skin clear. I have spent my 25+ years as a professionally licensed esthetician following those developments in science. 

Much of my experience has come from the hundreds of clients who attended a Victorian skincare salon retreat I created in 1991, located on Union Street in San Francisco, called Rosewater Skincare. During my nine years of ownership, I encountered clients who were working in the stressful city environment that were experiencing adult acne. This is when the “marriage” of both anti-acne and "anti-aging" treatments in my skincare practice first began. These clients were frustrated with the products for acne treatment on the market because they were drying and irritating, reducing the youthful appearance of their skin. They desired both anti-aging and anti-acne care that didn't fight each other! That, most would consider a bad marriage.  Therefore, I have studied biological variants in skin as we age, what occurs in times of inflammation, causes of hyper-pigmentation, and other numerous areas in this extensive field of skincare.

Over the years my training has come from numerous sources. I enjoy researching medical literature and attending professional conferences, as well as individual classes at training institutes. One of my favorites is the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles, where I began my post-graduate training. IDI offered me the opportunity to connect with and learn from European instructors who were very advanced in the skills of herbal extracts, aromatherapy and manual lymphatic techniques, which both gently detox skin from tissue substances acquired through the metabolizing of skin nutrients

Most recently I’ve added specific trainings to include acne specialization training through Face Reality of San Leandro, PCA training for chemical peels, Clareblend and Bio Therapeutics sponsored knowledge in micro-current technology, enzyme therapies with Skin Scripts of Arizona, and advanced skin structure and analysis with Pastiche of New Zealand. 


Testimonial - 

“Sandee has the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness in both her personality and in her spa environment which makes every visit comfortable, pleasant and relaxing. The spa is clean, decorated simply with soft colors, textures and lighting with a few candles lighted and soft music playing. She doesn’t go over the top with spa jargon and all the extra “fluff” :) At my first appointment with Sandee confidently talked to me about my adult acne problems and listened with compassion and gave me the hope I needed to indeed have clear skin within 3-6 months. Sandee always talks to me straight forwardly, is patient with all my questions and does her very best to give me the skin care program both at the spa and at home that will work best for my skin and my budget. While getting treatments at the spa Sandee always explains what she is doing and why she is doing it so I’ll know what to expect. Now that I’ve gone through the 5 month program my skin has cleared so dramatically that I rarely get a blemish anymore. This means I’m spending less time in the bathroom covering up my face and more time out in the world enjoying myself. Sandee helped me get my confidence back and that is priceless!” Julia F.


When I am not in the salon working with clients, I am usually enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the great northwest. I remember the first time I saw beautiful West Linn, Oregon, and even though I spent my youth in sunny California, I’ve always felt deeply connected to this luscious green environment. I feel so fortunate to be here to experience skiing, surf and turf, and all the adventure Portland has to offer in its art galleries and city nooks. I find this an exciting time of renewed career challenges, expanding of friendships, and advancing professional relationships.